Connecting Google App Engine App with my subdomain

by Syzygy   Last Updated June 29, 2020 23:04 PM - source

Our website is hosted with loopia at, but we also have a webapp running on Google App Engine which we would like to run on

We also have a couple of other subdomains running, but those are simply referred to via the IP address.

I have followed the steps at The Domain Mappings consist of four A, four AAAA and one CNAME records.

When I try to add all of them to (the documentation isn't clear if this should be the domain or subdomain), I get an error saying there are colliding records. When I try to add them to, I'm able to add either the A's and AAAA's or the CNAME, but not both, or I'll get a colliding record error again.

In both cases, just displays a Google backed 404 error, while is working without problems.

This is very similar to this question, except that we're not using Google as our registrar.

How do I properly set up the DNS records so that the subdomain points to my webapp?

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