Conditional formatting with multiple criteria and different cells

by dlindner999   Last Updated May 22, 2018 16:03 PM - source

I have cell J1, which contains a number, determined by a formula. I have cell J2, which contains a dropdown obtained by data validation: CES,CES1,CES2,CES3. If J2 = CES, and J1 > 20, I want J1 to be green, (goal was met). If J2 = CES and J1 < 20, J1 should be red. If J2 = CES1, CES2, or CES3, AND if J1 > 35, J1 should be green. Otherwise, J1 should be red. In other words, for CES, the goal is 20, and for CES1/2/3, the goal is 35. How can I accomplish this? TIA.

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