Compute $ \lceil{log_2(n)}\rceil $ through basic arithmetic operation

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first explain me my motivation:

I need to write a RAM program which compute $ \lceil{log_2(n)}\rceil $ for $ n \in \mathbb{N} $.


If I have $ n = $ "power of two" ( for example $ 8 = 2^3 $). I would say that we use the integer division DIV . So in every step in our loop we count the number of DIV $2$. So far so good. But it is obvious that not every number in $n \in \mathbb{N}$ is not a number of power of two.So how can I "fix" my loop? Someone told me that I have to consider MOD $2$ in every step and have to combine it with the bitwise OR, if I'm not mistaken. Can somebody can help me here?

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