Coinbase to Bittrex deposit gone awry? Eth vanished despite being sent to correct address

by Jeff Knochin   Last Updated September 11, 2019 10:28 AM - source

Can somebody help me figure this out?

I sent ~1.258 Eth from Coinbase to my Bittrex wallet address a couple hours ago and, despite being confirmed and sent to the correct address, it seems to have vanished. [See transaction details below from Etherscan].

This was my third transfer of Eth into this wallet today. The other two were sent from my Bitstamp account and deposited successfully into the same wallet address listed below. The first one was for exactly 1 Eth (I did that as a test, as I'm new to the Ethereum world) and deposited. The second one was (also from Bitstamp) was ~25 Eth and successfully deposited. But my Eth from Coinbase to the same address appears as confirmed on the blockchain but there's no sign of in my Bittrex account.

I'm aware of the .05 Eth threshold and that Gas can make the transaction more costly for the sender, but has anyone experienced something like this? What am I missing / did I do something incorrectly? Any help would be appreciated.

Transaction Hash:


Status: Success

Block: 8527080 536 Block Confirmations

Timestamp: 2 hrs 3 mins ago (Sep-11-2019 07:06:00 AM +UTC)

From: 0xf96a7cddaef0ca9a3b99ac4b2d3b20bf8500418a

To: Contract 0x2de05595fa2297e9ec80ea6f1b2c9a98bff5aaae

Value: 1.25895743 Ether ($224.01)

Transaction Fee: 0.00042102 Ether ($0.07)

Gas Limit: 90,000

Gas Used by Transaction: 21,051 (23.39%)

Gas Price: 0.00000002 Ether (20 Gwei)

Nonce Position 0 155

Input Data: 0x

Answers 1

Shortly put: exchanges work in mysterious ways.

In general, there's no telling from which account and to which account your requested transaction happens if it's between two exchanges. Exchanges have different hot wallets and whatnot. And many of transactions happen only internally and don't produce an actual transaction to the blockchain - although a transaction between two exchanges most likely has to produce a real blockchain transaction.

Assuming you entered all the details correctly the only thing you can do is contact either the sending exchange or the receiver exchange. The coins may be stuck in their internal wallets for whatever reason.

Lauri Peltonen
Lauri Peltonen
September 11, 2019 10:01 AM

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