cloth animation looks clumped

by fabsenet   Last Updated September 11, 2019 14:15 PM - source

I want to make a reveal animation of a bed. current version: (13 seconds, no sound)

clumped cloth at 0:06 in the animation

The problem is, I do not like how the cloth is so clumped at 0:06. this looks extremely unrealistic. Please give me advice how to fix this.

What I did to archieve the current animation:

  • place grid with enough faces over the bed
  • add cloth physics, preset silk, 15 steps, 5 quality steps, self collision checked
  • let it fall for 50 frames or so until it settled over the bed
  • applied the cloth modifier to fix this result
  • went back to frame 1, readded the cloth physics exactly the same
  • applied the pull with an animated empty and a vertex group on the far side

is the silk preset not silky enough? or is applying the cloth modifier in the middle of the process a bad thing?

this is done with the blender 2.81 alpha and cycles, but I think this in not important.

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