Change "8 hours old" HNQ criteria to "8 hours old on the site it's currently on"

by Jenayah   Last Updated July 11, 2019 18:24 PM - source

This question was asked on M&TV, closed as off-topic, and later migrated to SFF. It got answered there and hit HNQ about an hour after (see timeline).

The problem I have with that is that while it does meet the "8 hours old" criteria, said 8 hours weren't hours of availability on the migration target (SFF). In that case, the migration target's folks didn't have 8 hours to review the question and take whatever action which may have been needed.

That's relatively unharmful in the M&TV/SFF case (although it promotes a zero research question, despite it being well-written), but I'm more worried about what could happen with more touchy subjects, such as politics, religion and the like.

Even if migrations are supposed to make sure it's on-topic for the target site (and not crap), it would still feel sane (and normal) that the target site's community gets enough time to review it before the question hits HNQ, which is the whole point of the 8 hours criteria, I think? A question can very well be on-topic and neatly written, yet still be controversial enough to spark HNQ drama.

Hence, I suggest that the "8 hours old" criteria becomes "8 hours old on the site it's currently on".

Do hot questions conserve their heat after migration? is highly related but isn't a feature-request, plus it was asked before the March revamp of HNQ.

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