Change image names or create an image sitemap? Or both?

by yanntinoco   Last Updated October 18, 2019 15:04 PM - source

The environment is a classifieds site, where there's products with their description, title and photos and, except for images, all data is stored in a MySQL database.

Although there's friendly titles from classifieds and it's relatively easy to link them, all the images are being saved with random generated name(something like d6as897d6ad67a5s7da8d56sa7d.jpg).

The question here is, for SEO, PAGE RANKING and SERP's purposes, which is the best to do and why?

  • Change image names from random characters to classifieds titles;
  • Create image sitemap;
  • Both.

Which are the cons and pros? And why not choose the other options? Are there other alternatives that I didn't mention here?

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