Centos freezes, when trying to open crontab

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I'm trying to open crontab, but when i type it the whole os just freezes... I thought, maybe that's because vim isn't installed, but it is. I also checked the cron.allow and cron.deny files, but they were empty.

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@jojo - Thanks for your comment. Here the proposed answer:

Seems you used crontab instead of crontab -e. If option is omitted, default is crontab -r which is delete (check with crontab --help).

February 07, 2016 20:03 PM

Can you kindly use this combination of keys: Alt+PrintScreen+r+s+e+i+u+b.

The Alt+PrintScreen should be depressed as you key in the other letters one at a time.

The combination send some low level commands independent of the system state and this is what each of them mean:

  • r – takes the control of the keyboard back from X.
  • s – writes the data from the disc cache to the hard disk.
  • e – sends SIGTERM to all processes except init.
  • i – sends SIGKILL to all processes except init
  • u – remounts all the filesystems readonly (basically a measure to help you reboot safely)
  • b – reboots the system

I am sure the syste will then respond after that.

Victor Langat
Victor Langat
June 12, 2019 07:45 AM

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