Caulk around bottom of toilet?

by aparente001   Last Updated April 12, 2019 03:21 AM - source

We just got a lovely new vinyl bathroom floor put in. The edges (wall, tub) are nicely caulked but not the base of the toilet.

I did read What kind of caulk to use in order to caulk the toilet to the floor? where everybody said "don't caulk," but I'm concerned because the toilet sits three feet away from a washing machine. The floor isn't perfectly horizontal. It slopes slightly down toward the toilet. The washing machine might leak, or someone might pull something wet out of the washer and drip water on the floor. Also, another three feet in a perpendicular direction and we are looking at a bathtub with shower curtain. More opportunities for spills. I don't want spilled water to get under the toilet. This was a problem previously with the washing machine I used to have (was just replaced a week ago).

At that linked question, I read that if you caulk, then you should leave a gap in the caulk around the base of the toilet. I guess I could pick a segment that is at a maximum distance from both the washer and the tub. Is a one inch gap enough?

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