Cannot access External SD Card from Firefox address bar in Android

by Ittiandro Vivona   Last Updated May 13, 2018 16:11 PM - source

I was trying to access a folder in my Ext SDcard from the Android Firefox browser. The folder is in the External SD card , because it shows in My Files . I typed file:/// or file:///sdcard, but it doesn’t show up in the directory file system. . I racked my brain until I found that SD CARD is the Internal Memory card ! No wonder! Bottom line: how do I access the External SD Card datafrom the browser address bar ? I tried to type file:///extsdcard,unsuccessfully. Can anybody help?



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I cannot access my external SD Card from he Firefox browser by using either file:///storage/extSdSdCard or file:///storage/extSdCardi as suggested above. It says he file is not readable , it may have been removed,moved or file permissions may be preventing access. Any suggestions?



May 13, 2018 15:40 PM

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