Can you help me in router setting up?

by user477756   Last Updated July 12, 2018 23:00 PM

Last saturday, the 1000mbit/s internet was set up ín my house. I bought a new router on monday, Tp-link Ac1200. It was disconnected from the internet wired and wifi top after 30mins, and came back in 1 min. I called the ISP and they was there, they said the modem/router(?), (it's a Huawei one), where we get the internet, from the ISP, was the fault, because it was not in bridge mode, so they changed that, and after the problem was still there. So we called them again, and they came again. They said the problem is the router. I bought a new one, TP-link Ac1750, but the problem still appear. I've tried, frimware upgrade and downgrade, setting different DNS,lease time, everything I found on the internet. And the ISP keep saying, there is no fault, at their end. And every time, I put back the old router which was changed a (941N) , everything works fine, no dropp, disconnect, packet loss, nothing. So I have 2different routers with same issue and I don't know what to do. Before, bridge mode, I got the internet from Dynamic Ip, and now the connection is, PPOPE. Please help, I don't know what to do now. Thanks.

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