Can the web content creation and UX process start simultaneously? how?

by ahmed harfoush   Last Updated June 21, 2018 17:16 PM - source

I work for a digital agency on a commercial website for a client, we are creating a website from scratch. a third party agency is assigned for content creation. as a UX specialist am assigned to create the sitemap and start the design process for the website (wireframes / Visual design). I have provided an initial sitemap based on competitors content. and due to a tight deadline, we are forced to start designing without content provided. my questions here:

1- Can we start working on wireframes and visuals without content? is there a best practice for that to minimize the hassle of the process?

2- if both the digital agency and content agency working at the same time. what kind of deliverables or alignment documents should be provided to each assuming the content agency doesn't have a content strategist?

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