Can I use "simr" package for power analyses on ANOVA models?

by Lyam   Last Updated September 11, 2019 18:19 PM - source

simr is an R package for conducting power analyses on linear mixed effects models. One might compute power for a model with:

fit = lmer(data=data, formula = x ~ y + (y | z)
powerSim(fit, nsim=200)

My question is this: does it make sense to use this package assess the power of models that were not built with lmer? For example, on a simple ANOVA:

fit2 = aov(data=data, formula=x~y)
powerSim(fit2, nsim=200)

Just to clarify, I know that this CAN be implemented in R (i.e. powerSim(fit2) does not cause an error, and returns output similar to that of powerSim(fit) ), but I'd like to know if using powerSim on an ANOVA model is theoretically flawed.

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