Can an ESC-rectifier combination be used as a replacement for a Buck Converter?

by Curious_Techie   Last Updated October 06, 2019 10:25 AM - source

I am working on a project that involves a dc-dc power step-down. The details are as follows :

Input : 48V , 15A Output : 18V , 40A

However, I could not get any Buck Converter directly for such high output current. My question is - Could I use a 48V (4S-5S) ESC (of proper rated current) along with a 3-phase full wave rectifier to get the desired dc output? The exact voltage that I need could be set with a PWM signal to the ESC?

I am posting this question because I tried this concept with a 4S ESC and a 160V MDS40 3-phase bridge rectifier, and it did not work. I currently do not have an oscilloscope, hence couldn't determine what exactly was happening. Also, I am operating the ESC at 50Hz.

Could anyone please point out what the problem is?


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