Can an electric burner catch on fire inside itself?

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electric burner

We have electric burner eyes like shown above in a 20+ years-old White-Westinghouse range. My wife is an excellent cook and she's used this range earnestly for 8 years. Recently after she had cooked dinner we heard a crackling noise coming from the range area. The range was completely off and had been for at least 10 minutes. I narrowed the noise down to one burner. I pulled the burner element out of the range and it continued to make a crackling sound. It sounded like it was on fire inside of the heating element. It continued making a steady crackling sound for at least 30 minutes. There was no smoke or warmth emerging from it. It didn't smell noticeably either. Is it possible for these elements to catch on fire? Is there a better explanation for the sound we heard?

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