Can a flash + a commander unit serve as a replacement for a very basic studio set

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I have a pretty ancient Nikon D60 camera (which is adequate for the time being) and a couple of lenses. I'd like to achieve more control in demanding lighting environments, so I am thinking of buying either a combo of a commander and flash unit (for example a Quadralite 36 and a Navigator X) or a basic studio set comprised of two lights and softboxes.

Now, I am very much aware that a basic Studio set and a flash are two quite different things meant for different situations. I am leaning more towards the flash/commander combo, since it would give me more flexibility: I can hold the flash in my hand, trigger the camera remotely and do a portrait, but I can also use it for various other kinds of photography, such as shooting events in low light or when traveling. The studio set seems much more specialized and cumbersome, although it does give you the advantage of seeing your lighting ahead of time and the basic entry sets will be slightly cheaper than the flash/commander combo.

I would love to buy both, but my budget is kind of tight right now, so I would just like to know if the flash/commander combo can be useful to try and experiment with a bit more controlled lighting environment.

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