Can't connect to Walmart in-store wifi with LTE ZTE Maven Z812

by Ilya   Last Updated October 09, 2019 20:11 PM - source

The problem started about 10 days ago (10/01/2019) after some changes were made to the Walmart in-store WiFi configuration. Since then I can't connect to the in-store WiFi from my LTE ZTE Maven Z812 smartphone. The phone seems fine, connects to all other networks. Other phones also connect just fine to Walmart in-store WiFi network. But when I try to connect to Wlamart WiFi with Z812 I get an error WiFi connection failed and no IP address. Resetting adapter, forgetting network, and rebooting phone did not help. I noticed that the store recently split 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz access points, there are different ESSIDs for them (Walmartwifi 2.4 and Walmartwifi). The Z812 does not see the 5 GHz AP, but sees 2.4 GHz just fine. I tried connecting to 2.4 GHz AP from another smartphone and it works just fine. Any ideas what might be wrong? Is Walmart blocking certain models/manufacturers from using in-store WiFi? Anyone else experiencing problems connecting to 2.4 GHz AP at Walmart? Thanks.

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