Can't bind joomla user to Fabrik element of type user - becomes Super User

by Valter Ekholm   Last Updated September 04, 2019 15:10 PM - source

I started using Fabrik. I want to have a system with buildings and user (to put it simple). Users I suppose can be bound to "real" Joomla users...

So I have a list "users" that have a element "joo_user" of type user.

Then I have three real users "user1", "frank" and "john". When I go to look at the list "users" I can edit them;

I put user1.joo_user to user1 (it works)

I put frank.joo_user to frank (it get set to Super User).

user1 and 'frank' have the same permissions:

Registered and caretaker

'caretaker' is a new made group with parent "Public".

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