Calling WSL software from Batch (and passing file paths correctly)

by Vico   Last Updated July 11, 2019 19:01 PM - source

I'm currently trying to batch-convert the Twemoji .svgs for Windows .ICO files using a .bat file, but the only desirable solution i found for rastering each SVG file (since inkscape comamnd line lags my system and is terribly slow) was to use librsvg2-bin, but since it isnt available as a binary for Windows, ive needed to resort into WSL <> Batch interoperation.

So i should call rsvg from inside my bat file passing the path of the .svg file for the program, i searched in internet and found wslpath to convert between WSL/Unix and Windows paths, but in my tests i cannot make it to correctly pass the converted path for rsvg work.

How could i correctly call a WSL software from a Windows .bat passing the file path correctly converted as an argument?

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