Boot loop recovery with access to Download / Recovery modes, OEM / FRP lock enabled

by BryanK   Last Updated October 18, 2019 18:11 PM - source


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Which, seemingly sudden, entered a boot loop - The Device name and Samsung logo screens will cycle indefinitely until There is no power left or I interrupt by using key combos to boot in to Download or Recovery Modes.

I do not have any experience with Android Development or android devices. I am very comfortable with linux terminal environments.

As of now I have tried flashing new Stock firmware using Odin. The feed back from the Odin software indicates the flash was successful yet the bootloop persists. I am guessing that the OEM and or the FRP lock could be why.

I have read it is possible to disable these locks using adb,and I believe fastboot may be of some use as well. But since I can not access my phones settings to enable USB debugging I can not find a way to connect to adb.

To be more specific about my question: Is there a way to connect to adb and fastboot and trouble shoot / repair a boot loop with only access to recovery and download modes?

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