Blender Viewport Issues

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I am new to 3D modelling so I know my hardware is not up to snuff, but I am running a 13 inch Macbook Air with a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5, and an integrated graphics card with 121.12 GB of space and 8 GB of RAM. There are 15,460,838 vertices in my scene. The scene worked fine until I saved it and closed Blender. Now when I try to open the file, it won’t load properly and Blender is having the hardest time trying to show me anything. When anything changed, the words in the interface turn Braille-like, but all I see in the viewport is flat grey, black or the checkered loading screen. Blender opens other projects just fine. I’ve tried closing and restarting Blender. I have tried opening the file after launching the default (which works fine). I have tried opening the file from autosave. None of this has helped. I hope I’ve given enough information for someone to make sense of my issue. I could remake what I had in this file and likely make it with fewer vertices, but I would like to understand the problem to avoid it in the future. Any assistance would be appreciated!

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