Blender 2.80 (stable) Animation of model breaking when exporting to .glb format

by Taewon Yoon   Last Updated August 14, 2019 08:15 AM - source

I'm a newcomer to blender and have been struggling to export my model + animation to the .glb (.gltf) format. The model is of a car, where

  1. the car moves in from the left of the screen and to the centre
  2. after 1, the bonnet of the car opens and a text is displayed and moves up above the car where it stays
  3. simultaneously, some bubbles (supposed to be smoke) come out of the car

The text is actually a "part" of the car and moves up when the car reaches the centre. The car moving animation and the bubbles coming out of the car were used as 2 separate .abc files

screenshot of the model

When I do export it, the car is stationary, while the text moves by itself like it's supposed to. How would I fix this? Is it maybe some export settings I need to toggle?

I am trying to export to .glb or .gltf for aframe because I heard it's the most compatible. If anyone else knows any other format that works then please do tell me.

Thank you kindly :)

Tags : animation

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