Better design for nested REST call in Rest Template

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I not sure whether this question should be asked here, let me know if it is not.

I have this application where i need to call 3rd party APIs using Java's RestTemplate, first i call Country API, base on the code returned, i call Vehicle API, and so on. I can do this with nested API call, but i am thinking, is there any better design?

The following is just a simple example:

ResponseEntity<Country> countryResponse="https://localhost:8989/api/countries/1",HttpMethod.GET, new HttpEntity<>,Country.class);

Country countryBody=  countryResponse.getBody();

if(countryBody!= null){
    ResponseEntity<Vehicle> vehicleResponse ="https://localhost:8989/api/countries/"+countryBody.getCode()+"/vehicles",HttpMethod.GET, new HttpEntity<>,Vehicle.class);

  ...with the result returned by vehicleResponse, keep nesting...
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