AWS - Load balance for 443 requests but using the server's ssl certificate

by adrianosmateus   Last Updated June 18, 2019 14:00 PM - source

I want set up AWS Load balancing on my EC2 instance but i have a kind of dynamic SSL certificate management on it and, because of that, i need use the server's SSL certificate instead of setup a certificate on the load balancer. Is this possible?

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If you want to terminate SSL/TLS connection on the web servers (and not on the LB(s) ) you can set LB to balance TCP connection and not SSL/TLS. Of cource this have some disadvantages but based on your requirements this seems to be the only way.

BTW if you have only one web server/service it is strange for me you want to balance it. LB is normally applied when you have more than one.

Romeo Ninov
Romeo Ninov
June 18, 2019 13:36 PM

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