Armorer Bug in HD Remake

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Was the old Armorer Bug fixed in the recent HD Remake (the new release on Steam, not to be confused with the fan-made HD Mod of the original) of Heroes of Might and Magic III?

The original version of the game had a now (in)famous glitch in which the armorer skill actually worked in reverse specifically against siege towers (made you more vulnerable against them). I recall it was revealed to be one of those super simple, brain-fart programming bugs where some guy once accidentally put a divided-by sign where he meant to put a multiply-by sign, or some such.

Was this bug fixed in this remake? I know that the team made some bug fixes, but also left a lot identical to how it was as well, so it seems really up-in-the-air. I have not had luck asking on the Steam forums.

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Bug is still there in HD Remake.

I've run following tests. I've created this map in editor:

enter image description here

Blue town has Castle, red heroes (A and B) are both lvl 1 Clerics with 0 Defense and have army of 100 Goblins (2 Defense creatures, for some reason Peasants are not available in my editor). Hero A has Armorer Expert. I run multiple sieges and took notes of damage done by top tower (it deals more damage than side towers) - I've put down 50 attacks in every experiment. Then I've edited heroes again and gave them both different artifacts giving total +22 Defense. Results are the following:

Experiment | Total Damage | Average Damage
A          |    757       |   15.14
A + 22 Def |    753       |   15.06
B          |    743       |   14.86   
B + 22 Def |    745       |   14.9

# of experiments is not that great, but with no way to automate it I don't want to run more :)

October 19, 2019 20:40 PM

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