Are there non-floating underwater neck straps for underwater digital cameras?

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About 6 years ago I bought the Canon AKT-DC1 kit for my Canon D10. The underwater straps were fantastic. It had shoulder and neck straps that allowed you to swim rigorously with the camera in a way that wrist straps don't allow you to do without banging the camera around.

I've ordered the Olympus TG-3 since my Canon D10 is getting a bit old and I'm not sure how much longer the seals will last. But I can't find a neck strap for the TG-3. Are there not any good generic neck straps for underwater cameras? I'm an avid snorkeler so floating straps aren't interesting to me since I tend to dive quite a bit for good photos.

Canon AKT-DC1 neck strap

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Aside from the snap and lock feature, which you note most cameras do not have, there does appears to be nothing particularly special about the Canon AKT-DC1 neck strap. Especially if you want it to not float, straps made of any material should do.

As @Mikkel notes, you can "make" your own with bungee cord and bolt-snaps. Bungee cords come in various lengths with different types of hooks and buckles attached. Other options include neoprene, nylon webbing, and quick-release buckles.

August 02, 2018 01:48 AM

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