Are there any topic boundaries for the private chat room Teachers' Lounge?

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Because privacy and confidentiality means "what happens here, stays here", does that mean that participants there can freely voice concerns or questions that when brought to the public would be closed, such as questions regarding legal activity, legal advice, or the act of conspiring to sue the company hosting the room itself?

I can easily see why such questions would be closed, as people would use it as reference, but when all is confidential and private, are such revolutionary acts allowed?

I'm aware that I'm asking about something that is private in its essence, and giving answers to that would imply it's not private at all, but having a general idea of what's permitted to be talked about I think should be considered general knowledge. "About everything/No politics/etc" would be a perfect answer!

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It has been created more than ten years ago for the following purpose:

The "Teacher's Lounge" is a private chatroom where moderators can discuss issues related to moderating.

(Of course, like many other chatrooms in the network, sometimes we engage in discussions about other topics like cricket or unicorns.)

Other than that, it's just about moderating. I'm pretty sure that it would be closed down if we would engage in conspiring to sue the company.

October 09, 2019 09:52 AM

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