Are tabs and/or steps in a wizard displayed as separate boxes in a sitemap diagram?

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I'm creating a sitemap for an enterprise application.

For one section in the application, there is an edit calendar feature. Once clicked on, there are three sections/or different types of calendars to set up.

  1. Start/end dates for the entire project
  2. Blocked-out dates (holidays and nonworking days, etc.)
  3. Start/end dates for specific tasks within the project

We currently use a step wizard to edit the calendar so the user has to set up the dates in that order.

In my sitemap, do I draw out each step as a separate box, or would that go in a separate user flow diagram?

Sitemap sketch

Answers 1

The sitemap should be organized in a way that best allows your users to find the information. The sitemap is not a document for developers it's for your end users, who presumably are not in the web development business.

As for example, the sitemap shows that there is a calendar feature. You may have a div that displays detailed information about what this calendar feature does but that level of detail should, most likely, not be front-and-center.

June 19, 2019 20:00 PM

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