APT-GET behind a proxy with Digest Authentication

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I'd like to use apt-get (and other ubuntu tools) to download software and keep it updated.

Unfortunately, my company has set a squid proxy to accept digest authentication only. I've seen somewhere (can't find the link again) that APT-GET uses WGET, which doesn't support digest authentication, to download the packages.

Is it possible to configure APT-GET to use CURL instead of WGET to download the packages?

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apt uses its own fetcher (/usr/lib/apt/methods/http), not wget, so your literal question is unanswerable. Going a little broader, according to a strings over that file, Proxy-Authentication: Basic is supported, but there's no mention of Digest, so I'm going to guess that you're out of luck.

August 17, 2015 02:01 AM

As a way around you can use redsocks (http://www.darkk.net.ru/redsocks/) look here: https://askubuntu.com/a/1035050/828826

Asiel Diaz Benitez
Asiel Diaz Benitez
May 11, 2018 19:27 PM

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