Application Pool Goes Down Very Often and Needs Recycling

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I have a C# ASP.NET MVC application (MVC V.4 & .NET Framework 4.5)
running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 S.P.1 Datacenter as an application pool and in the last month has started going down every 3 days and the pool needs recycling to go up again.
A month ago was going down very rarely, like every 4-5 weeks and suddenly this has changed. I haven't changed anything on the Server nor any other kind of update. The C: Disk is 50% empty.

The IIS Server version is 7.5 and below you can see some details from the Applications Pool:
(Photo) Applications Pool Info

I see something on the application pools that based on my logic seems a little weird, which is the .NET Framework Version which is v4.0 but on my project is v4.5. But this was like that even one or two months ago.

Any idea on what could have caused this sudden change on the frequency of my web-app going down so frequently?

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