Anyone know an APP that can disable the Lollipop notification popups while in a game?

by David Grey   Last Updated June 10, 2015 03:04 AM - source

I know there are fixes for a rooted device with Android 5.0+ to stop the notification popups for like text messages and apps like facebook. These I've found tend to be perminant and not so easy to do fixes so can't be used as a 'toggle' on / off.

What I am looking for is some app that can monitor when I for example play a game or I'm drawing in my drawing app and can toggle off those notifications at the top of the screen that can interfere with seeing the screen or worse, if I'm drawing a picture it can totally damage the drawing by blocking where I'm working while I'm drawing and because I'm touching the screen there flips me out of the app I'm using and into the other app and sometimes even causes the original app to crash losing all the work.

By default, there is NO built in toggle to turn these on or off. I like them when I'm just doing everything else and find them very useful so don't want them 'perma off'.

Anyone know of any apps that may help with this?

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I know of an app called Greenify that can hibernate apps to prevent notifications from popping up.

You can also simply tell it to hibernate with the screen on with the push of a button. Just open up the main screen and if any activities are awake that you want to hibernate, push the zzz button.

June 10, 2015 05:11 AM

Use the heads off app an easy toggle for like disable while gaming or watching videos

April 16, 2016 18:14 PM

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