Adding staints to paintwall (two image textures) - UV map problem

by BatatasFritas   Last Updated May 29, 2020 20:15 PM - source

I'm trying to create simple box shaped column with two textures. One is concrete, second vertical stains. I want to add this stain texture to the top of the column, but I encountered some really stupid problem. I can remeber one of my first blender projects was a model of TV. I use procedural (i meanjust grey BDSF haha) material for plastic colors and an image texture of the logo, but now I'm using TWO image textures. And I have a problem.

When I'm trying to mix these with MixShader node my stains are way too big. When I'm trying to scale up UV map with stain texture as a background, both stains and concrete texture getting bigger... Please help.

Tags : texturing uv

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