Adding an ammeter to a small workshop

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I have a small workshop room in my apartment which shares a breaker with an adjacent room. By small I mean closet sized; I work mostly on small models so the most "heavy duty" tool I'm using is a small shop vac or a hotdog-style air compressor.

That said, I'd like to avoid tripping the breaker on accident (this hasn't happened yet, but someone is about to be living in the room which shares this breaker, so I'm trying to be prepared to be a little more courteous) and I'm wondering how hard it would be to just install an ammeter in a handy box so I can see how much current I'm using. If I use one of those analog panel mount ones, is it safe to wire it in series with the two workshop outlets and mount it in a blank handy box on the wall?

Something like this (only 0-20A instead of 50):

enter image description here

Obviously there's inherent danger working with electricity, but if I am careful I see no reason this shouldn't work, and it should make it easy for me to avoid tripping the breaker and cutting the power from my roommate's room.

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