Add profile to Apple TV 4th generation

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I used profiles created in Apple Configurator 2 successfully to configure HTTP-Proxy settings on Apple TV 2nd generation

Now I tried to use the same profile to configure the settings for Apple Tv 4th generation. I get a warning in the Apple Configurator that I need to interact on the Apple Tv to install the profile, because it is not supervised.

Configurator requires user interaction to install the profile because it is not signed

There I have the option to view the restrictions this profile brings along, which are indeed those I want to install (proxy server ip and port), and to install.

Clicking install triggers another warning that the profile is not signed, but lets me click install nonetheless.

After clicking a third Install-button, I am send back to the first screen where the install button has changed to Done, which when clicked sends me to a screen where I can add a profile, but does not list the one I just seemed to have installed.

I tried this way of installing the profile as well over usb-cable, as via paired network (paired device).

I even tried to download the profile directly via the 'Add profile' interface shown (which I don't find anywhere in the Apple TV menu) after the unsuccessful install.

Even though each way of installing seems to only warn me of the fact that the profile is unsigned, each fails, but without throwing any kind of error.

Do I really have to supervise the devices, or is there a way around?

FYI: I'm using OSX 10.13.3, Apple Configurator 2 (2.6.1), Apple TV 4th gen with tvOS 11.2.6

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