Accidentally sprayed insulating foam sealant into window blind's headrail, paralyzing the pull cord. How to fix (remove blinds)?

by Noon Time   Last Updated August 01, 2020 03:21 AM - source

On some of my windows, the blinds are installed slightly below the head (at least 2 inches) so I can spot crevices above the head's frame and spray sealant in. The other window though, has the blinds installed much closer to the top, so the gap is almost closed, but I sprayed in there mistaking that gap for the head/casing gap. It's already dried and I can't use my window blinds any more (pull cord is stuck). I can't easily cut out the sealant because there's no room to look inside the blind's headrail. Should I get someone to saw through the metallic blind headrail?

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