accesing web service in VB6 with json

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I'm calling a web service in VB6 which returns a json string as response. I'm able to hold the response in a string. now I want to show the each parameter separately how can I extract the values from the string ?. a sample string is here :"aaa": {"bbb": 900,"ccc": "oke"},"result": {"count": 3,"data": [["x1, x2","x3"],["y1, y2","y3"],["z1, z2","z3"]]}}

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You have 2 options 1. Write your own Json parser in VB6 2. Create a COM wrapper for Json.Net and use it in your code.

The first one is going to be quite complex, but your code will not have any runtime dependeny

The second approach is fairly easier but will require the .Net Framework to be installed in the machines where your VB6 code is running.

September 11, 2019 19:25 PM

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