.NET Core - Using Visual Studio And Keeping It Cross Platform

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I've written a few things using .NET Core and like it a lot. So far, I have always used Visual Studio Code (which I think is very good and getting better all the time) and have enjoyed being able to pick up work on a Mac. I've been using Visual Studio less and less as I do more using .NET Core.

However, last night, I added a sln file using the dotnet core CLI, added a couple of projects to it and opened it up in Visual Studio 2017 and the experience was excellent. Having the tests at the side was very useful.

My question: If I start to use Visual Studio for my .NET Core projects (after starting them using the CLI), and tying them together using a sln file, does anyone know if there is likely to then be issues using VS Code for cross platform work, at a later date? I would like to take advantage of the IDE tools offered by Visual Studio but don't want to then make Visual Studio mandatory.

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