(JSON-LD) Adding recommended fields that are not visible on page

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I'm using the type "GovernmentOrganization" to describe some content on my homepage. I have subOrganizations of type "GovernmentOffice" listed and the following fields filled out for each of them: name, telephone, and image. All of these items are present on my homepage.

However, putting my code through https://search.google.com results in warnings saying I should include further fields: address and priceRange. This information is not visible on my homepage, but is included deeper within the site.

Is it okay to add this to my homepage JSON-LD when it's not visible, as long as the subOrganization has other visible information? Or does everything included need to be visible? And if so: what are best practices for handling this while avoiding duplication/extra-maintenance of JSON-LD across multiple pages?

Homepage Example:

        "@context": "https://schema.org",
        "@type": "GovernmentOrganization",
        "name": "Sample Government",
        "address": {
            "@type": "PostalAddress",
            "streetAddress": "123 4th St.",
            "addressLocality": "Los Angeles",
            "addressRegion": "CA",
            "postalCode": "90001"
        "image": "https://sampleGov.com/img1.png",
        "url": "https://sample.com",
        "sameAs": [
            "@type": "GovernmentOffice",
            "name": "Board of Supervisors",
            "telephone": "+1-818-111-2222",
            "image": "https://sampleGov.com/img2.png"
            "@type": "GovernmentOffice",
            "name": "Assessor",
            "telephone": "+1-818-222-3333",
            "image": "https://sampleGov.com/img3.png"
            "@type": "GovernmentOffice",
            "name": "Election's Office",
            "telephone": "+1-818-444-5555",
            "image": "https://sampleGov.com/img4.png"
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